Download the first-ever issue of Vision Zero Cities: International Journal of Traffic Safety Innovation. This is the ultimate gathering of Vision Zero experts from around the world.

This issue of Vision Zero Cities features insights from an international braintrust of experts in the public and private sector.

“How to Think Big”
by Seleta Reynolds & Nat Gale
Los Angeles Department of Transportation, California

“Racial Inequity in Traffic Enforcement”
by Marco Conner
Transportation Alternatives, New York

“The Wrestler’s Pedestrian Uprising”
by Peatónito
Laboratorio para la Cuidad, Mexico City

Excerpt from “Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution”
by Janette Sadik-Khan & Seth Solomonow
Bloomberg Associates, United States

“Responsibility of System Designers"
by Matt-Åke Belin
Swedish Transportation Administration, Sweden

“The Political Will to Save Lives”
by Shirley Gonzales
San Antonio City Council, Texas

“After Tragedy, A Different Justice”
by Amy Tam-Liao & Hsi-Pei Liao
Families for Safe Streets, New York

“The Power of Automated Enforcement”
by Charles Territo
American Traffic Solutions, United States

“Vision Zero, By the People”
by Leah Shahum
Vision Zero Network, United States